Chair Instructions

Instructions for Session Chairs

We are delighted to have you Chair a session at the Auckland ISRII Conference.

Session Chairs are generally responsible for:
• introducing each presenter
• enforcing time limitations
• eliciting questions/running a brief Q&A

Each room will have a student volunteer supporting you and the presenters with the AV/IT equipment.

Before the conference

Make sure you know which session you are to chair; check for any scheduling clashes with any other commitments and notify the Organising Committee if you cannot serve as session chair.

Before the session

Whilst we don’t anticipate any changes to the agenda, please check the program again prior to your session.

Immediately before the session

• Arrive at the room 10 minutes prior to the start of the session.
• Confirm the attendance of each presenter
• Familiarise yourself with the venue and equipment. Alert any of the student volunteers of any technology problems
• Most sessions are approximately 1 hour and have 4 to 6 presentations (note, there are some shorter 30 and 45 min sessions)
• Depending on the length of the session and the number of presentations, check that the presenters understand their time allocation
• Confirm that each presenter has copied their presentation to the lecture room’s computer
• If the room fills up from the back, but there are still seats in the front of the room, please encourage people to move forward

During the session

• Introduce yourself
• Briefly explain the time allocation
• At the beginning of each presentation, briefly introduce the presenter by name and their talk title
• Make sure the presenter adheres to the time limit (use a timer, e.g. on your phone).
• Arrange an appropriate warning system with your presenters, e.g. a three and one minute warning
• Keep strictly to the time guidelines. If necessary, at the maximum time duration, a session chair should go to the mic and thank the presenter, or stand and clap in appreciation for the work (which should politely conclude that presentation)
• Depending on time, consider one question from the audience after each talk or have a short Q&A at the end of the session
• Have a question or two to ask each presenter in the event that questions are slow to emerge from the audience
• If you are a presenter in your session, ask someone else to give you the appropriate time warnings

At the end of the session

• Thank the presenters and the audience for their attention and conclude the session

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